Swap CLI Commands

Automate trading on Sifdex
Sifnoded CLI allows you to perform swaps by launching the following command: sifnoded tx clp swap --from <address> --sentSymbol <current token> --receivedSymbol <received token> --sentAmount <send amount --minReceivingAmount <minimum amount> For example: sifnoded tx clp swap --from sif1vmzzvtwr5dl2dumh0l65fsbcdfghjt12345678 --sentSymbol rowan --receivedSymbol ceth --sentAmount 1000000000000000000000 --minReceivingAmount 0 --chain-id sifchain-1 --node tcp://rpc.sifchain.finance:80 --fees 100000000000000000rowan Note:
If your transaction throw any error, make sure to add the necessary flags. Some of the flags you may need are:
Some useful flags:
--chain-id string The network chain ID
--fees string Fees to pay along with transaction
--from string Name or address of private key with which to sign
--keyring-backend string Select keyring's backend (os|file|kwallet|pass|test|memory)
--node string <host>:<port> to tendermint rpc interface for this chain