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Official Contracts

Contract addresses and Token Trackers
Sifchain's page on Mintscan -


As well as Sifchain, ROWAN is also available on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains - this wrapped version of ROWAN is called eROWAN. When trading outside of SifDEX always check that you are using the right contract address (below). Due to the open and permissionless nature of blockchains, anyone can make a Token and name it eROWAN - only the addresses below are the official Tokens that can be used within the Sifchain Ecosystem.

eROWAN on Ethereum

eROWAN on Polygon

ROWAN is also available on AscendEX.

Sifchain Bridged Cosmos Tokens on Ethereum & Polygon

Users can now export CosmosSDK tokens to Ethereum and Polygon while using Sifchain as the bridge to do so! In order to do this, a user would import their desired token from their connected Cosmos chain into Sifchain. They would then export that token from Sifchain to Ethereum. That CosmosSDK token is now in your MetaMask wallet and can be used within the Ethereum ecosystem (and/or bridged to Polygon). Users can pool these tokens in such exchanges as SushiSwap and Uniswapv3.

Verified Token Addresses - Ethereum

  • ATOM: 0x8D983cb9388EaC77af0474fA441C4815500Cb7BB
  • IRIS: 0x76C4A2B59523eaE19594c630aAb43288dBB1463f
  • XPRT: 0xae837EacBAE2a6bA166ce0DEd5C72340f212835c
  • REGEN: 0xeEE10b3736d5978924f392ED67497cfAE795128B
  • AKT: 0xC727f87871ee12Bbcedd2973746D1Deb7529aaD6
  • DVPN: 0xc81978862b6cE566400579a5F8975732D42BD410
  • JUNO: 0x413e8196E7D6d2C02A6BCcc46366F881017ea479
  • BCNA: 0xeB5Bea778339e5F0C8D9419cf9891445af823A29
  • EEUR: 0x714bfD06Da6EB24fAc379f0d9DEBFa85261bF439
  • TICK: 0xcf9902B43D01D7C6cd5c12e0c1112cc2C4FC4Ec5
  • NGM: 0x56667705DF047677A15D3D417A138b10B6ed62C4
  • IXO: 0x8Ea2645CD39D5e0C901bCA25dF8d0998a6926cf2
  • CTK: 0x4c67B8392fC17892338d590e5AE1aB7BE485BE50
  • IOV: 0x3dE8006B2c571eBC19a5d3a85a0940A7a9339470
  • HARD: 0x1C700F95Df53fc31e83D89AC89e5DD778D4cD310
  • OSMO: 0x93A62Ccfcf1EfCB5f60317981F71ed6Fb39F4BA2
  • ION: 0xee59B43149CEAD680aedF8778163ce8CB8c8A6fB
  • KAVA: 0x0C356B7fD36a5357E5A017EF11887ba100C9AB76
Import the Sifchain Token List in Ethereum Exchanges

Verified Token Addresses - Polygon

  • ATOM: 0xac51C4c48Dc3116487eD4BC16542e27B5694Da1b
  • IRIS: 0x3dc6052a693E4a2fc28Eb2Ea12fe0CfD3BD221D1
  • XPRT: 0xb3b9c016AD1E9f7EFdAE451b04EF696e05658b32
  • REGEN: 0xEc482De9569a5EA3Dd9779039b79e53F15791fDE
  • AKT: 0xf14fbC6B30e2c4BC05A1D4fbE34bf9f14313309D
  • DVPN: 0x973B5bd321aD6044ebc4e40e1C9AF163d17170Ca
  • JUNO: 0xc6bdB9dD7F33FF11EfDD3A84b2C1c99b8CC93052
  • BCNA: 0xbcAe3a93bFa5258fEDB78758d45E03e3C2bda3E8
  • EEUR: 0x2D27E0E31f86bd8889300E5D8148BA7b231Cf1c1
  • TICK: 0x4305fF9f3714C8bEFE7854D401c4C2e395662Db4
  • NGM: 0xc54FF1b09Ab25B01275cD1093c2Ba311A18c00Eb
  • IXO: 0x4a8D681bF9FC7A32d8284B6f2d869eb1CB14A7f0
  • CTK: 0x799a88F32EBB23aA9Ef440a7A1cb37653af74422
  • IOV: 0x6ec60377b874782408EA493BeCCCce39347A911A
  • HARD: 0x8bdC1239840D4a0DB234F2E7D65dF83164D18e49
  • OSMO: 0x8C7a56F2F2fD97DA0f5b4FAde180Fa8DC3fbEa8D
  • ION: 0x68b741416153bBf5CB4FaEe0aA447f918fE5C322
  • KAVA: 0x87D32F2C0A3D6D091772890C81E321026454a125
  • eROWAN: 0xa7051C5a22d963b81D71C2BA64D46a877fBc1821

Verified Pools in Ethereum & Polygon

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