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Build on Sifchain
Sifchain.js allows developers to use Sifchain core tech without the need of running a node. We have created several npm packages to enable developers to interact with the chain through their client, and develop applications. Explore the SifchainJS guide here Some of the use cases of SifchainJS:
Trading Bots: Arbitrage Bot Pecunia Finance is working with integrating Sifchain with HummingBot Directional Trading Bot Buy and Sell tokens automatically (potentially connetting it to a Sif-APIs based analytics) LP / MM bot Manage Liquidity to avoid IL and optimize APY Margin Bot Long (and Short) tokens on Leverage automatically (potentially connecting it to a Sif-APIs based analytics)
Interoperability: Coin Aggregators Integrate with several Bridging technologies to offer lowest bridging fees and high reliability Cross Chain Manager Manage Liquidity and Assets across different chains
Other: Voting App UI voting app for Governance Proposal and statistics FE Provider Provide alternative Sifchain based FE (potentially with different UI)