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How to update a validator’s public information



The validator details shown within the Keplr website and the Mintscan block explorer which includes the validator name, avatar, commission, description etc are set by the validator.

Create an Avatar using Keybase

One option to create an avatar is to create a profile on Keybase and upload an avatar to the profile. Once the profile is created you will need to execute the following to generate your public PGP key:
  • Click the “Add a PGP key” link:
  • Click the “I need a public key” button:
  • Fill in the information on the following screen and click the “Let the math begin” button:
  • Click the “Done, post to Keybase” button to complete the process:
You will now see your public key shown on your profile page. This key will be added to the command you will execute below.
Simply upload an avatar by clicking the current avatar image, and then clicking the “Choose a picture file…” link:

Command to update Validator Information

The following command is used to update an existing validator account (sifnoded tx staking edit-validator [flags]):
sifnoded tx staking edit-validator --chain-id="sifchain-1" --gas-prices="0.5rowan" --commission-rate="0.1" --details="<description of your>" --website="<website address>" --moniker="<validator name>" --from="<address>" --identity="<keybase public key>" --node=tcp://
--moniker string
The validator's name (default "[do-not-modify]")
The new commission rate percentage
The validator's (optional) details (default "[do-not-modify]")
The validator's (optional) website (default "[do-not-modify]")
The (optional) identity signature (ex. UPort or Keybase) (default "[do-not-modify]")
--from string
Name or address of private key with which to sign
--chain-id string
The network chain ID
--gas-prices string
Gas prices in decimal format to determine the transaction fee (e.g. 0.5rowan)
--node string
<host>:<port> to tendermint rpc interface for this chain (default "tcp://localhost:26657")
You can always use the help flag (--help) to see additional flags that can be set.