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FAQ and troubleshooting for Delegators

What’s the delegation unbonding time?

"The unbonding period is currently set to 21 days, during which time the tokens will not be usable and will still be susceptible to slashing. After the unbonding period the tokens will be fully released to the source address."​

Is it possible to cancel an undelegated request after it was successfully completed so that a redelegate request can be done instead?

1. You can simply re-delegate your delegation from one validator to another without having to wait the 21 day unbonding period. 2. If you are wanting to 'transfer tokens from 1 of your addresses to another address that is already staked/delegated', you cannot do that. You will need to undelegated and then move these to your new account and then restake/redelegate.

Is it possible to redelegate while in the 21 days undelegated period.

Not possible.

What are the benefits of delegating tokens to a validator? I see 5% commission, anything I can read about it?

​Please read here.​

Got this error in the block explorer: staking: validator already exist for this operator address; must use new validator operator address: failed to execute message; message index: 0

Try delegating more using the command: sifnodecli tx staking delegate .Run it with -h to see the options.How can i increase the staked amount? You can delegate more funds to your validator with: sifnodecli tx staking delegate YOUR_VALIDATOR_ADDRESS <Amount*10^18>rowan --gas-prices="0.5rowan" --from=YOUR_MONIKER --keyring-backend=file --chain-id=sifchain


Where can I see my rewards?

For LPs: You can see your current claimable amount here: https://dex.sifchain.finance/#/rewards as well as other important fields about your reward position. You can also see even more details here: cryptoeconomics​

How to calculate block rewards?

When the validator is the proposer of the round, that validator (and their delegators) receives between 1% and 5% of fee rewards, the reserve community tax is then charged, then the remainder is distributed proportionally by voting power to all bonded validators independent of whether they voted (social distribution). So every block, fees are collected, then the proposer bonus is taken out, then the fees are divided between the validators proportionally with their stake. From there, within each validator, the rewards are divided proportionally to each delegator minus the commission rate. Also, depending on the elegibility window of the Validator Subsidy program, you may get additional rewards.

What would be the proper format to check outstanding rewards?

'''sifnodecli query distribution validator-outstanding-rewards --node "://localhost:26657" '''