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FAQ and troubleshooting for Validators

Jailing / Un-Jailing

Any solutions to the jailing problem even when the node is running? If you don't save the validator key, then it can't sign blocks and will be jailed all the time. You should always backup this key ~/.sifnoded/config/priv_validator_key.json if you already created a validator.
After running the unjail command, i get: "jailed": false, "status":1. So I can't see my Validator Node in Dashboard
It normally takes a few minutes for the block explorer to see the updates.
Failed to get from fields: The specified item could not be found in the keyring.
Try adding the --keyring-backend=file flag

Missing Blocks:

My validator is missing blocks
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    1.Ensure that your validator is reachable on TCP ports 26656 and 26657, and that these ports are not blocked by your firewall.
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    2.Update your sifnode config.toml (found in /root/.sifnoded/config/config.toml on the container) and set a value for external_address, in the [p2p] section.For example, if your public IPv4 address is, then that line in the config would look like: external_address = ""
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    If nothing worked so far:
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      Please MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP priv_validator_key.json at destination before doing that just in case you need to restore the private key file again. After backing up your private key, you may follow with the next step
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      If it is missing all the blocks try to Copy private key to inside container sudo cp /root/.sifnoded/config/ priv_validator_key.json /usr/local/sifnode/deploy/docker/mainnet/.sifnoded/config/ considering you deployed the sifchain at /usr/local otherwise replace this path to whatever your path is

Other Errors

Problem on syncing: sifnoded[..]: panic: Failed to process committed block wrong Block.Header.AppHash. Expected ..
You need to checkout tags/mainnet-genesis ,download Cosmovisor and set that up to run sifnoder Cosmovisor handles auto-upgrading. However note it's a non-standard approach to running a sifnode.
When I run the validator create cmd I get 'failed to get from fields: The specified item could not be found in the keyring'
You must use the public key generated by sifnoded tendermint show-validator Also, add --keyring-backend=file to the above command. The amount is also too low. It should be at least 1000000000000000000rowan as amounts are expressed with the of 1e18.
I get an error when running this - ERROR: invalid Bech32 prefix; expected sifvaloper, got sifvalcons
You need to use the node operator address. you can get it from the explorer as you can see you provide the wrong address sifvalcons and sifnodecli is expecting sifvaloper you can go on your validator and get the operator address from there.
error ERROR: unknown address: account sif... does not exist Make sure that:
  • You have funds (you can take them from the faucet)
  • Your node is fully synced
  • Run sifnoded tendermint show-validator
Error :- no required module provides package; run go get in the root sifnode repo directory
Failed to get from fields: The specified item could not be found in the keyring Add the flag: --recover --keyring-backend file Or run: make clean install
and run`sifnodedcli keys add -i --recover --keyring-backend=file
Also: you can generate, sign and broadcast a transaction from anywhere. It does not have to be on the node itself (that's why there's a --node flag). That's one of the nice things about the Cosmos SDK. So, we recommend just importing the key locally and running sifnodedcli from there, whenever you need to generate/sign/broadcast a transaction. Just make sure your node is fully synchronised before trying to become a validator.
rawlog: 'insufficient fee: insufficient fees; got: required: 100000rowan' Add the flag --fees 100000rowan when launching the command
I have created a validator but I’m not showing on the validator list. Any ideas? Looks like you didn't stake much to be a validator? I'd try staking with a minimum of 10 rowan at this stage, so: 10000000000000000000rowan Also, make sure your node is fully synced
I can't create a validator because the validator address exists. How can I change the validator address? Or do I need to recreate the account? You need to delegate more funds to the validator with the sifnodecli tx staking delegate command.