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Validator FAQs

Frequently asked questions about being a validator in Sifchain
What are the approximate costs of setting up a Validator?
The cost of being a validator is around $100-$200/month. The expected time commitment is around 5-10 hours/month.
As a Validator, for storage, which kind of node type should I run? (Archival node | Fully pruning node | Default pruning node)
At Sifchain we believe that the Archival is most complete, but feel free to make a different choice based on personal preferences.
How are Validators paid?
Validators are paid via Block Rewards. Please find additional information here.
Are rewards subject to any locking periods?
Some rewards earned by Validators are subject to lock-up periods. We're currently designing this and will provide more information later.
Is there a risk of my stake being slashed? If yes, where can we read more on this?
Yes, Validators are held accountable for their proper participation in our network and are therefore eligible to be slashed for misbehavior. For slashable conditions, please refer to additional information here.
Are there un-bonding periods that I am held to when I decide to un-stake my Validator node?
Our un-bonding period is currently set to 21 days. More information can be found here.
Will node operators be able to stake their unvested tokens to become a Validator?
This is currently in discussion by our team. We will provide additional information around this once we have it.
Could you elaborate on what a double-sign infraction is? Please see Double Sign Infractions.
How to increase the stake to my validator? You can use the Delegator CLI commands to delegate additional ROWAN to your validator
What are the Sifchain validator nodes? Does it make sense to delegate my tokens to them? The Sifchain nodes are Alice, Jenna, Lisa, Mary, Sophie, Ambre, Elizabeth, and jane. All block rewards earned by these nodes will be distributed to other nodes. We recommend against delegating to our nodes
Is there any command I can run to query slashing rules (so to see time period of downtime, max number of blocks that one must miss etc) slashing subcommands sifnodedcli q slashing -h
Can you give me a example on how to change commision to 1% You can launch: sifnodedcli tx staking edit-validator --commission-rate 1 --from --keyring-backend file --node tcp://:26657 (obviously replacing with the name of your moniker in your keyring). You can also add the flag --dry-run before running it, to test what it will do.
How can i change the logo or the moniker of my validator? Have a look at the Updating Validator's public information tutorial
Regarding node security, which tcp port should be open on firewall for the validator (any other port besides 26656)? 26656 is the minimum. You can open 26657, but maybe restrict who can access that.
Which branch to checkout for betanet to make clean install? step 1: git clone 2: git checkout master && git pullstep 3 is then the install command
I have Rowan at my Keplr wallet, how do I transfer it to the validator wallet ? Once you have the address for the wallet you simply do a send transaction from within Keplr. You can also import the wallet into Keplr.
Trying to revive an existing validator from imported mnemonic You'd need to un-delegate first, before you can re-create, from memory. See here for information on Unbonding. You should unbond, and then re-create.
If I start from scratch but import an existing mnemonic I need to replace the priv_validator_key.json from my existing validator in the ~/.sifnoded/config/ directory? If a validator has already been created for your import wallet, then yes.
How can I unbound my old validator? sifnodecli tx staking un-bond 990000000000000000rowan --fees 100000rowan --from <moniker> --keyring-backend=file --chain-id=sifchain
What will happen with the old validator? I don’t to appear on the unjail It'll sit in the un-bonding state for 3 weeks, before it's removed (default cosmos unbonding period setting).
Do we need any tokens for validator status? The top 100 validators (by amount bonded: staked & delegated) determines who is in consensus and in return who earns rewards. In order to set up a node, you need to stake at least 1 Rowan.
I am going to close out my validator. How do I do that without getting slashed? ​See here for information on Unbonding.
How can i migrate the validator to another server and avoid double signing?
How can I unjail my validator?