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Integrations & Community Tools

Projects building on Sifchain

Trading platforms

Wallet Integrations:

These wallets support Sifchain - they will be integrated into the dex UI over time. Currently they will allow users to access Sifchain accounts, make transfers and participate in Governance.

Community Run Tools and Projects

Below is a list of tools built, run, and operated by community members in Sifchain. Please use anything listed below at your own discretion. If you are a community member and have a tool/product you want added here, reach out on Discord!


  • Charting:
  • Dashboards:
    • NMNODE.COM X FASTHUB.IO dashboard:
      • A dashboard to show a wallet's total position within Sifchain DEX, as well as a wallet's earned weekly and cumulative Ascension Rewards + Impermanent Loss (as realized in Sif's Ascension).
    • a4Asset Dashboard:
      • A dashboard that showcases your assets across all cosmos chains, including Sifchain!
      • A dashboard that showcases important information about the blockchain (similar to a block explorer), while also providing 'insights' about Sifchain!
    • NodeJumper Dashboard:
      • A validator setup tool & Sifchain dashboard. Find installation scripts/analytics/rpc and more!
      • Inter blockchain explorer powered by IOBScan. It provides IBC information on the cross chain ecology.
  • Block Explorers:
  • Faucets:
  • DAO Council Tools:
    • SifDAO Validator Delegation Council Dashboard:
      • This website contains information about all important dates for the delegation program as well as other functionality like a mailing list, feedback form, and application portal
  • Bots