Community Run Tools & Products
This page contains a list of community-run tools and products. If you are a community member and have a tool/product you want added here, reach out on Discord!
Below is a list of tools built, run, and operated by community members in Sifchain. Please use anything listed below at your own discretion.


  • NMNODE.COM X FASTHUB.IO dashboard:‚Äč
    • A dashboard to show a wallet's total position within Sifchain DEX, as well as a wallet's earned weekly and cumulative Ascension Rewards + Impermanent Loss (as realized in Sif's Ascension).
  • a4Asset Dashboard:‚Äč
    • A dashboard that showcases your assets across all cosmos chains, including Sifchain!
  • NG Blockexplorer:‚Äč
    • Community-built Block-explorer! Reference this for transactions, blocks, proposals, and more info!
    • Run out of ROWAN and need 1 to get unstuck? Use this faucet!


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