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All things related to SifDAO - processes, councils, philosophy, archives, and more!

What is SifDAO?

SifDAO is comprised of holders of the ROWAN token. We are currently a nascent entity in the process of researching, iterating, and implementing processes and structure that suit our mission to build powerful financial infrastructure for the new era of commerce.

SifDAO’s Values

SifDAO is inclusive - all are encouraged to contribute and participate in its evolution.
SifDAO is egalitarian - all members are encouraged to find a way to build and contribute to the DAO’s development and growth.

Talk to Us

We have a friendly community and regular meetings, which include workshops and townhalls where we collaborate, discuss governance topics, answer questions, overcome challenges, ideate, and act.
Check out the SifDAO Communications Schedule for more info about when meetings take place and what you can expect!

Get Involved

While the possibilities to contribute are endless, here are some common actions that you may want to perform to make a difference in SifDAO today:

Under Construction

As we expand and more structure is added, we will continually update this page - a DAO handbook is under construction!

SifDAO Wiki

Proposal Process