Team and Partners

Operations & Marketing

Our diverse and talented team of operators, business developers, and marketers bring with them experience as legal experts, financial advisors, financial engineering experts and PE/VC experienced professionals. Our team members are seasoned veterans with executive experience at firms like a major cryptocurrency exchange, a major Web 2.0 VC, and a Tier 1 Silicon Valley law firm. The team has extensive experience in the crypto space, especially with exchanges, and can speak to years of experience and connections in the global cryptocurrency community, including strong ties in the US, EU, and Asian markets.


Our product team is composed of experts ranging from crypto economic researchers, cryptocurrency traders, fintech industry veterans, and experienced cryptocurrency product managers. The team has strong experience working on cornerstone projects, delivering performant and scalable end products at multiple FAAMG companies and notable cryptocurrency projects.


Our all-star team of engineers includes blockchain architects and developers who have worked on industry renowned projects such as Thorchain, Cosmos, and Polkadot, as well as massively scaled distributed systems outside of the blockchain industry. The engineering team also has strong experience with full-stack development, complex systems, economic modeling, financial engineering, security, and other disciplines related to blockchain.


Aside from our core team of senior staff, we also count ourselves lucky to be partnered with a variety of the sharpest minds in blockchain. These partners help us maximize our potential in marketing, research, engineering, hiring and ops, business development, product direction, and a number of other integral aspects of our organization.