The ROWAN Token

ROWAN powers Sifchain
ROWAN is the native currency of Sifchain, and has a variety of uses within the ecosystem:
  • ROWAN is the universal liquidity pairing token of SifDEX. To enable swaps between tokens, each asset is paired with ROWAN to make an LP pool. As such half of the TVL of the DEX is made up of ROWAN. As TVL expands, demand for ROWAN expands with it.
  • ROWAN is also central to the crypto-economic security of Sifchain. Node validators should stake an amount at least equivalent to the TVL of the DEX, to ensure that the network is secure and the cost of malicious activity (slashing) is not worth anything a validator can gain from fraudulence - as per Tendermint consensus.
  • As such there is a multiplier effect from additional TVL on the Market Cap of ROWAN. As TVL on the DEX rises, half of the TVL must be made from ROWAN. To secure this, an amount at least equal to the TVL should be bonded by Validators. Thus, for every $1 of any external asset added to SifDEX, $3 of ROWAN is required by the system.
  • Node validators must bond ROWAN to compete to enter the validator pool. Only the top 100 validators (ranked by number of ROWAN staked) are able to earn block rewards. Block rewards are paid in ROWAN.
  • Transaction fees for Swaps and Transfers are paid in ROWAN.
  • Rewards for liquidity provision are paid in ROWAN.
  • ROWAN is the Governance Token of Sifchain - the more ROWAN held by a party, the more weight their vote carries in Governance decisions.
For a more detailed look at ROWAN and its tokenomics, please see the whitepaper.
Rowan has also been discussed on our Medium page.

Where can I buy ROWAN?

The best place to buy ROWAN is on SifDEX! Instructions can be found here.
If you are planning to purchase eROWAN on a DEX outside of SifDEX, please refer to the Official Contracts page.
ROWAN is also available on AscendEX.