Cosmos Tokens in Ethereum

Users can now export CosmosSDK tokens to Ethereum while using Sifchain as the bridge to do so! In order to do this, a user would import their desired token from their connected Cosmos chain into Sifchain. They would then export that token from Sifchain to Ethereum. That CosmosSDK token is now in your MetaMask wallet and can be used within the Ethereum ecosystem. Users can pool these tokens in such exchanges as SushiSwap and Uniswapv3.

Verified Token Addresses

  • Atom: 0x8D983cb9388EaC77af0474fA441C4815500Cb7BB

  • Iris: 0x76C4A2B59523eaE19594c630aAb43288dBB1463f

  • XPRT: 0xae837EacBAE2a6bA166ce0DEd5C72340f212835c

  • REGEN: 0xeEE10b3736d5978924f392ED67497cfAE795128B

  • AKT: 0xC727f87871ee12Bbcedd2973746D1Deb7529aaD6

Import the Sifchain Token List in Ethereum Exchanges

Verified Pools in Ethereum

Regen: Regen: Regen:

Atom (Cosmos Hub): Atom (Cosmos Hub): Atom (Cosmos Hub):

XPRT (Persistence): XPRT (Persistence): XPRT (Persistence):

IRIS (IrisNet): IRIS (IrisNet): IRIS (IrisNet):

AKT (Akash): AKT (Akash): AKT (Akash):