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Import Tokens to Sifchain

After connecting your Keplr and MetaMask wallets, you are now ready to move assets between external chains and Sifchain. Users are able to import assets from Cosmos and assets from Ethereum into Sifchain. Sifchain has a list of allowable tokens that can be transferred into Sifchain. We will continuously add new tokens based on user feedback and market conditions. In order to move any of these allowable Ethereum or Cosmos assets into the Sifchain network, please follow the below steps.
Before importing tokens, make sure you have read and understood the note on gas.
  • Once in the SifDEX, go to the 'Balances' feature
  • This balances tab will show you a list of ALL allowable tokens to be imported into Sifchain. If you do not see a token you are desiring to import, please reach out to the Sifchain team on Discord.
  • Within this balances tab, you can see your associated Sifchain token balances with each of the tokens. This represents the amount of that token a user has already imported into Sifchain.
  • Click on the 'Import' button next to the token you want to move into Sifchain. This will bring you to the next screen:
  • Here, you can select from which network you want to import from. Once you choose your network and the associated token, it will call in your balance of that token from that network. So for example, if you have ETH in Ethereum, it will call in your balance of ETH that currently exists in your MetaMask wallet in Ethereum. If you have ETH that you have exported into Cosmos and you select Cosmos in your network dropdown, it will call in your balance of ETH that currently exists in your Keplr wallet in Cosmos.
  • Input the amount of that token you want to import. Feel free to use the 'Max' button which will auto-fill the amount with the maximum amount of that token you have to import (minus an amount to cover estimated fees). We have automatically called in your Sifchain address as the recipient address of these pegged tokens.
  • Next, click 'Import'. This will bring up another confirmation screen:
  • Once you confirm the details are correct, you can confirm the import. Please note that importing an asset from Ethereum into Sifchain needs to go through 50 Ethereum block confirmations. For this reason, this action can take upwards of 20 minutes. Please be patient. You should see the amount you want to import be deducted from your Ethereum address shortly after you execute the transaction. But you will not see the amount appear in your Sifchain wallet until it has gone through all 50 confirmations. As for importing from Cosmos-based chains, this can take, on average, 10 minutes to be fully processed. However, some transactions may take up to 60 minutes.
You are now free to use your newly imported tokens via swaps, or by providing liquidity!