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Manage LP Positions

Pooling Assets

Users can add any of their tokens to a liquidity pool and earn rewards for doing so. To learn more about the core concept of liquidity pools please refer to our documentation on Liquidity Providers and Sifchain Liquidity Pools.

Adding Liquidity

After connecting your Keplr and MetaMask wallets, and importing assets to Sifchain, you are now ready to add liquidity to our liquidity pools.
  • To begin the 'Add Liquidity' process, navigate to the 'Pool' option within SifDEX. Here you will see a screen that looks like the one shown here:
  • This screen shows the following:
    • A list of all pools within Sifchain - search for specific Tokens using the search bar at the top.
    • Pools that you currently have liquidity in are automagically brought to the top of this list.
Clicking on a pool will expand it to allow you to see additional details about it.
Here you can see:
  • Your liquidity in the pool (if any).
  • Total rewards paid to the pool for the current period. This represents the total amount of accumulated rewards paid to all LPers of this pool up to that point in time for the current period of Sif’s Ascension.
  • Time remaining in the current rewards period. A period is 1 week in length.
  • Total amount of tokens in the pool.
  • The $ denominated price of the non-Rowan token.
  • The current arbitrage opportunity in the pool, if available.
  • Pool trade volume in the last 24 hours.
From this drop down users can also Add or Remove Liquidity.
  • To add liquidity to a pool, click 'Add Liquidity' on the right hand side. This will take you here:
  • Here you can select the token which you want to add to the liquidity pool. Click on the token dropdown to see a list of allowable tokens and your associated balances.
  • Once you select the token that you want to pool, you will now see your available balance. You may input any amount or click the 'Max' button which will automatically call in your total balance of that token.
  • Once you input your desired amounts, you will see some displayed statistics on the pool:
  • The exchange rates are displayed.
  • An estimation of your pool share if you confirm the transaction is displayed. For more information about calculating pool shares, please see here.
IMPORTANT NOTE: GAS Please ensure you have enough ROWAN to cover the gas fees. This means that if you type in your total amount of current ROWAN, the transaction may fail as you do not have additional ROWAN to cover the gas fees. Leave enough Rowan in your wallet to pay the gas fees on this transaction, and also to remove your LP position at a later date.Typically fees per transaction will be less than one ROWAN, unless the network is very busy.

Removing Liquidity

From the same 'Pools' page:
Click on the pool that you would like to remove liquidity from. It will expand and display as shown below:
Click on 'Remove Liquidity', and the following screen will appear. You can select whether to withdraw all of your liquidity, or a smaller amount:
Chose how much you would like to withdraw and hit 'Remove Liquidity'. You will be asked to confirm the transaction in your wallet.
When the transaction succeeds, you will now see the withdrawn tokens in your Keplr Wallet.