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Where to get help

Reach out to the Community!

As a first port of call, you will find help and assistance around the clock on our active Telegram and Discord communities. If you are unable to resolve your issue there, you can contact the team via the support desk.
At Sifchain, we use Github to manage our support ticketing system. This helps us track issues, as well as enabling engineers to have everything they need to resolve your issue efficiently.

Open a ticket on Discord

If you do not find a resolution in the community, you can also open a ticket on Discord.
Once you are in the Sifchain Discord Server, you will see the server channels on the left hand side (from mobile, swipe right to view). Select the 'Open Ticket' channel.
Now scroll to the bottom of the channels list and you will see a new channel created for your ticket.
Click on the channel to enter. Inside this channel you will be guided through the process of submitting a ticket by the wizard, and when completed will be joined by a human to help!
The channel created for your ticket is private, only viewable by you and the Discord administrators. You can keep track of progress by checking into your private channel.

Open a ticket on Github

If you do not use Discord but would still like support, you can also use Github. Follow this link to access the ticketing system - you will need to create a Github account if you do not have one already.
  • Click on “Issues”.
  • Open a ticket by clicking on “New Issue”.
  • Select the most appropriate template:
    • Liquidity Mining / Rewards
    • Import / Export
    • User Interface
  • Add a title, edit the template to add all the relevant information to your case. This will allow the engineers to efficiently solve your issue.
  • Submit the issue.
  • Relax, and monitor the issue for updates :D